Posts Starting The CrackMe Series - Why?

Starting The CrackMe Series - Why?

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What is the purpose of this series?

I think the best way to learn reverse engineering is recognizing the patterns, structures in any programming language in assembly level. So, I coded some code snippets, compiled them and look at the executable on disassembler to learn reversing. I decided to share these codes,executables so I will write my cracking/reversing methodology using them. In this way, we will learn some parts of the C/C++ languages and assembly level equivalents of the codes together. In every post that I will write, my main purpose is not cracking the executable but understanding the all of the internals so in this way cracking is the easy part beside that. If we can understand the assembly level of the executable, I think this is the most valuable skill in cracking, we can easily crack the program.

Along this post series, we will not crack any program that didn’t coded for cracking purposes. As I said earlier, this post series’ main aim is not teaching(also learning in my point of view) cracking but reverse engineering. So the aim is creating educational resources for reverse engineering also tracking my progress while learning reverse engineering. As a result of this, as always, I’m not responsible of the used of these resources to do bad things in the wild.

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